The Florida probate and guardianship attorneys at The Wilson Advocacy Group, P.A. offer legal counsel and assistance to clients in all stages of the probate process, providing compassionate and experienced representation during a time that is often very emotional and stressful.

Probate lawyers deal with many different issues related to the probate process, including:


        Probate Administration: Probate is the process by which a person’s estate is administered after they die, including locating assets, paying debts, and distributing property to heirs. A probate lawyer often walks family members through the process of administering an estate after the death of a loved one, ensuring that legal paperwork is filed correctly and in a timely fashion, representing loved ones in probate court, and answering questions about a process that can sometimes be confusing.


        Probate Litigation: Disputes over wills and trusts are unfortunately not common. A probate litigation lawyer can help with contesting wills, determining heirship when a person dies without a will, helping trustees pursue legal action against a negligent trustor, and other issues.

Guardianship: A guardian is someone who is given legal authority to care for and make decisions for another person. Sometimes a guardian is needed for a minor because the child’s parents are deceased; other times a parent may be found unfit. Adults who are incapacitated by an injury or illness may also need a guardian to provide day-to-day care and make financial and medical decisions. No matter what the circumstances, a guardianship attorney can provide valuable assistance in this legal process.


         Whether you need help litigating issues in the probate process, helping set up guardianship, or developing an estate plan, contact The Wilson Advocacy Group, P.A. today and schedule a consultation.